Body stamina reflects how much stamina you can have in your stamina bar. It is represented by a green bar in the HUD and never is higher than your health. Body Stamina can be gained by milling, chopping wood, fighting, and digging.

Having higher stamina means you can do more fatiguing actions before becoming exhausted. Stamina is what you use for almost every action in Wurm. An action started with less than full stamina will take longer than if the stamina bar was filled.

Stamina RegenerationEdit

Some actions take up more stamina than others, but stamina is regained according to your thirst and food bars.

  • The water bar affects Stamina regen noticeably at 80%
  • The food bar affects Stamina regen noticeably at 25%

Actions that ignore staminaEdit

These actions require the same time at any stamina level. These actions typically don't reduce your stamina either.


If you run out of stamina while in the water, you will start to drown.

If you run out of stamina in combat it becomes very hard to escape.

If you run out of stamina whilst climbing, you will cease climbing and fall.

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