[1] Disclaimer: This article is not an official document. It attempts to accurately describe current policy and statements made by the developers, but should not be taken as binding or otherwise limiting. If an authoritative statement is required, it should be requested directly from Rolf.

The Founding DevelopersEdit

Wurm Online was originally created by Rolf Janssen (Rolf) and Markus Persson (Notch). Up until 2007 Notch and Rolf continued to work together on the game; developing the client and server sides respectively. In 2007 Notch retired, but Rolf continued working on the game and created the Client Development Team to continue improving the client.

What do Devs do?Edit

Developers are responsible for a vast array of things from fixing bugs to creating graphics, maintaining the website, managing sysadmin and much more. They directly affect the game by making changes to code, adding content, and altering how things work. While Rolf remains the sole Server Developer, he has expanded the client team with volunteers. Until early 2011 Rolf was the only employee of OneTooFree AB, but recently he has employed two additional developers, Haradur and Wox. On October 12, 2011, OneTwoFree AB was renamed Code Club AB (

Employed DevelopersEdit

  • Rolf - Founder / Server programming
  • Haradur - Client developer
  • Wox - Lead Art Developer
  • Stargrace - PR Manager

Volunteer DevelopersEdit


  • Dashiva - Client Developer
  • Budda - Client Developer
  • Zcul a.k.a. Andreas - Client Developer
  • Cryptik - Client Developer
  • Wollschaf - Lead Client Developer
  • Saytheb - Client Developer



  • Egal - Website Programming / Web Sysadmin / Client programmer
  • Gurubear - Webmaster and Music

Retired Developers, Thanks guys!Edit

  • Notch - Founder / Client programmer
  • DragonM - Coordinator, client development team
  • Jake Lear - Artist
  • Inventor - Artist
  • Ron Smits - Server programmer
  • Mortimar - Content Manager / Graphics
  • Mrbloodworth - Lead Art developer
  • Kilean a.k.a Haraldstern - Client programmer
  • Athero - Art developer
  • Taliesin a.k.a Doughboy - Sound Developer
  • Wintermute - Client developer