Please note: All of these maps are player-made, and may be subject to player or kingdom bias. Take them with a grain of salt. The map is not the territory ~ Alfred Korzybski==Current Maps==


Epic Server ClusterEdit

- ElevationEdit
- SerenityEdit
- DesertionEdit
- AfflictionEdit

Freedom Server ClusterEdit

- IndependenceEdit
- DeliveranceEdit
- ExodusEdit
- ChaosEdit

Golden Valley ServerEdit


Valrei is the setting for the Gods scenarios, relating to Epic missions. their movements can be seen here:

Redundant Maps (Offline Servers)Edit

Note: The lands these maps depict no longer exist, see above for current maps.

Mol Rehan Home ServerEdit

Jenn Kellon Home ServerEdit

Gold 1Edit

Alpha / Beta mapsEdit

Astro research archiveEdit


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