Mind logic is a characteristic that can be raised by skills like carpentry, digging and repairing; see list below.

For every 10 mind logic, you can queue one additional action. For example: ML 30 lets you queue 3 actions, that is, 3 after your current one, so 4 in a row. Trying to queue more will give you the message: "You're too busy."

Most ships also require some mind logic to command:

Vehicle Mind Logic
Large cart 20.10
Small sailing boat 20.10
Corbita 21.05
Cog 22
Knarr 23
Caravel 24

Note: A head wound can lower your effective mind logic until the wound has healed.

List of Skills that Raise Mind LogicEdit

NB: List continuously under construction and not complete yet.


  • Building wooden house walls is a very fast, if wasteful, way to raise Mind logic.