Max flat speed: 17.30km/h Terrain type: Natural Player made: No Underground: No





A rock tile is a tile of rock on the ground.

You can prospect for ore, create cave entrances, and terraform rock tiles.

Rock tile terraforming with a pickaxe works in the same way as digging dirt. Stand on the corner you want to lower, activate a pickaxe, right-click a rock tile, and select Mining. Every few actions you lower the corner by 1 dirt. All four tiles surrounding the corner must be exposed to rock.

You can not raise a rock tile, but you can raise the corner by dropping dirt or sand on it.

One can dig to the Rock layer by digging up dirt. On the Freedom Isles the soil depth varies wildly and may reach as much as 300 dirts to the rock layer, though this is very rare. The average depth is however widely contested, and the factors such as slope, elevation and random chance strongly affect the depth at which the rock layer is found. It is advisable to dig a deep pit to discover the rock layer before attempting to create sufficient space to create a mine, as this aids planning and avoid time being wasted in unsuitable mine locations. Depending on location the rock layer may or may not be below the water level.

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