Water is found on Wurm's coasts, lakes, and wherever the terrain is low enough. Other than a safe refuge from a variety of non-swimming animals and monsters, water has a number of practical uses and can be collected in containers.

Water can also be found at certain fixed locations by using a pendulum to perform divination. Water sources found in this manner must be accessed by placing a fountain or well on the spot.


To collect water, activate a portable container capable of holding liquid, such as a pottery jar, pottery flask, small barrel, bucket, small barrel, water skin, etc, right-click a water tile, and select "Fill". The action is executed on the tile itself, so if it's too far away an event window message will show that "You are too far away".

Once collected, water is used to:

Water levelEdit

Water at sea level is universally set throughout the whole of Wurm and is always the same. This also applies when mining tunnels. If mined deep enough sea level will be reached and create a submerged cave floor tile, which can also be used to collect water from, just like any other submerged tile.

Water depth puts some restrictions on various actions:

Travelling on the waterwaysEdit

It is possible to swim reasonable distances across water but if the player's stamina falls too low while in the water it will start to drown and eventually die if the player does not make it back to land (or a boat). This makes crossing large bodies of water very difficult without a boat. While unladen and unarmoured, a player can swim at about 8km/h.

A player is generally quite safe from animals while in the water, as most cannot swim; however, it should be noted, while in the water a player suffers a large combat rating (fighting) penalty, so it's not recommended fighting anything while swimming.

A cart can't be dragged into water but a raft or a boat will work.

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